Thursday, August 26, 2010

Encounter Critical Blog Ring Activate!

A few of our fellow bloggers who write about Encounter Critical have taken up the flag for the EC blog ring. Here's a list the other blogs which participate at the moment.

American Barbarica

Guy Hoyle's Encounter Risical

No Signal!

And, of course; Jeffs Gameblog.

Here's an oldy too; God City Sandbox.

The EC Wiki: The Lexicon of Vanth

Our little ring o' blogs is open to new members at any time. No secret signals or handshakes required, just add your link in the comments.


  1. Hey Criss! My blog at has plenty of EC fun and fluff! The Encounter Crtical stuff can be found at!

    Peace out!

  2. Not that I have updated my blog in a million years, but I did post some Alt. Race rules for EC, scope it out:

  3. Welcome aboard guys and thanks for pointing out your sites to me. Well, I knew about Mike's Fun Pad but it was lost, for a moment, in the expanding universe that is the entree-net.

  4. And we can not forget; Encounter Risical by Guy Hoyle!