Friday, February 1, 2013

Oh yeah!

Some of you probably noticed or heard about this; the RPG Blog Alliance was hacked back in Dec. This resulted in a mass mail informing members of the alliance that they had been rejected.

My reaction was, "Oh, I don't post for thirty days so I get the boot. I don't need them," and I removed their badge from my blog. No offense RPG Blog Alliance, it's common for old farts like me to think like this. It's commonly called "grumpy." A few days later I received an e-mail which informed me of the hack.

Now that I've crawled out of  hibernation I welcome back the RPG Blog Alliance to The Polyhedral Dicebag and I welcome myself back to the RPG B. A. Everybody; Welcome Back!

I have put the badge on the bottom of the right hand column. It's right above the Order of the D10000 badge which I need to do something with or remove. Now, where's that map I was working on?