Sunday, February 27, 2011

This looks like what I should be reading!

So, I'm doing a little prep work for the Paperback Friday feature on my other blog, Fanatical Recycling Inc, and I found this image of a book I picked up at my fave local used book store.

As I've noted, I'm currently reading Caliban's Hour by Tad Williams. This is only the second book by Tad Williams that I have read but I do prefer Tad to many other popular fantasy fiction writers. Caliban's Hour is only two hundred pages long, I'll bump These Lawless Worlds to the "read it next" position on my reading list. 'Cause it's got the wacky hi-jinks of rpg all over that cover illustration!

phasic issue 3 is released upon the world!

phasic is a little fanzine for Encounter Critical created by Jeff of Jeffs Gameblog fame. I have followed his example and taken up the banner he began with the production of the initial issue of phasic a few years back. I have produced two issue of phasic in the past six months.

Issue number three is now available for download from Scirbd. This new issue is dedicated to the members of the E.C. yahoo group and the E.C. Blog Ring with thanks to the members of the yahoo group for their contributions to the 'zine.