Sunday, June 10, 2012

Call for Illustrations...

Yes, the Polyhedral Dicebag has risen from it's late spring slumber! And thus, the production of  the Phasic Special, Damnation, Issue is back on track with a production deadline of June 30. But, I need some cover art for the old girl. I know many top-notch illustrators are out their surfing the inter-webs and I'm appealing to one, or two, of you to dedicate your lunch hour to a super doodle of a vehicle of destruction and mayhem on a level that can only be described as scientific realism. Forward any contributions to my e-mail address, which I believe you can find around here somewhere, thanks.


  1. I've been away from the blog scene for awhile and just noticed this call for illustrations.
    Is it too late to submit something for your consideration?

  2. Certainly not, I amidst the layout process now and more illustrations would be welcome. Ironically, I'm ready to finish this issue of Phasic and begin the production of issue 6. All in good time.