Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Further Deconstruction of Star Wars

There were a few points which I failed to mention in my last post. First, and just briefly, I find it hard to believe that Lucas had written all six Star Wars movies before making the original. I imagine he had an outline which included material not covered in the first three films. I am sure this outline expanded during the production process of each film. This is neither, here nor there. My opinion of Mr. Lucas' creative process doesn't really get us to my point very quickly. Ultimately, my opinion is mute because Mr. L is the creative genius millionaire and I'm just a lower middle class drone with a laptop.

I'll let this vague image of Grumpy Cat represent my question for today. What happened to the 999 other generations of Jedi Knights? I know they are covered in the various comics, video games and novels. It just seems that Lucas wrote this line and then farmed it out for creative licensing. Again, if I'm gonna biatch about, I should be so creative.

I'm not sure I have all this deconstruction out of my system. I know I need to seek some sanctuary in my copy of the Dark Horse Omnibus of the original Star Wars comics. I should have some actual game content or news of the Adventure Capitalists for you all soon.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

From Tatooine, the Skywalker family! Come on down!

I recently crawled out of my corporate cave long enough to discover Harmy's Star Wars Despecialized Edition. Then, one day this past week, before reporting to work, I managed to watch the first hour of Star Wars. I was, as you may imagine, riveted to the screen. That first hour of Star Wars is some of the best cinematography ever. I mean, evah!

The viewing of this old film greased the ol' thought process and I couldn't help but wonder how Luke Skywalker had an uncle? Since papa Skywalker, Anakin / Darth Vader, was an only child, where did uncle Owen Lars come from? I was thinking this was another
giant plot flaw in the Lucasverse until I looked at the
Wikipedia entry for the Skywalker family and was reminded that Grandma Skywalker, once released from slavery,  had married Cliegg Lars.

Now I know where uncle Owen Lars came from, plot flaw resolved. However, having read said Wiki article, I am reminded that Anakin/ Darth Vader was the product of a miraculous birth. Gibberish, pure gibberish I tell you!

While reading about Harmy's Star Wars project I was reminded that in one of the prequels, Yoda remarks that the prophecy associated with Anakin may have been misinterpreted.  What is Lucas saying here? And, why haven't Christian groups protested this stab at their sacred text? Perhaps there was some uproar but I missed the memo. Most likely, they just don't analyze the inner working of the Lucasverse to this extent.

This discussion could go on all day. I know it is a discussion that has been flogged to death across the entree-net. (Yeah, I call it the entree-net, if you haven't noticed.) None the less, welcome back, welcome back all of you to The Polyhedral Lucasverse!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Friday, February 1, 2013

Oh yeah!

Some of you probably noticed or heard about this; the RPG Blog Alliance was hacked back in Dec. This resulted in a mass mail informing members of the alliance that they had been rejected.

My reaction was, "Oh, I don't post for thirty days so I get the boot. I don't need them," and I removed their badge from my blog. No offense RPG Blog Alliance, it's common for old farts like me to think like this. It's commonly called "grumpy." A few days later I received an e-mail which informed me of the hack.

Now that I've crawled out of  hibernation I welcome back the RPG Blog Alliance to The Polyhedral Dicebag and I welcome myself back to the RPG B. A. Everybody; Welcome Back!

I have put the badge on the bottom of the right hand column. It's right above the Order of the D10000 badge which I need to do something with or remove. Now, where's that map I was working on?

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Polyhedral 2013 Premier

First, I confess, I whiled most of my Holiday vacation time away, creating a Tumblr account and other such useless activities. I did complete a new Encounter Critical adventure. But, I can't tell you about it, in case we find ourselves in an E.C. game using the G+Hangout in the future. It is not a totally new adventure, it is loosely based on a previously published piece for a prominent rpg franchise. I'm intrenched in the old grindstone now and my free time will be limited until July or August, there probably will not be any Hangin' Out in my near future.

I also did a little work on an OSR community project; The Young Green Dragon over the Next Hill. This was lots of fun and I am very happy with my contribution. Now I am itching to run a Labyrinth Lord game. When the weather's a bit warmer I may commandeer a table on the patio at my favorite pub for just this purpose.

Heck yeah, Classic Sci-Fi! Actually, I ended up with two pages on Tumblr. Heck Yeah, Classic Sci-Fi  is the newest and is, obviously, dedicated to images of and related to Classic Science Fiction and Pulp Sci-Fi. I was posting a lot of Sci-Fi book covers to the other page, Fanatical Recycling Inc, and HYCSF evolved out of this practice. Fanatical Recycling Inc. started as a dump for images that would inspire environmental elements in rpg adventures. Then I started putting images of nature on there and the content became a bit ambiguous. Darn nature and all it's beauty! Hopefully I will manage to keep these the two pages distinct.

Ah yeah, how could I forget to share this?  Thanks to Billiam of Adventures in Shopping 
I learned of Dyson's Delves.  I don't buy many new RPG products, as few as one or two a year, but this tome looks both useful and fun. I'll be watching the e-mail and snail-mail boxes for this anticipated arrival.
(Those minis in Bill's article look great too.)

I'm gonna go draw a map for you all now, if you can find a copy of Marvel Apes for $4, I suggest you purchase it. It was a fun read and even has zombies.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Let's talk about mechanics.

No, not game mechanics, robot mechanics in Encounter Critical or the weird science/fantasy game of your choice. I think every adventure that I have designed for E.C. has had a robot combatant in it. If all the robots in an rpg were exactly alike it would become predictable and boring so I came up with some quirks for my latest robot design.

Imagine, your players unwittingly stumble into a robot workshop. A super, fighter 'bot is being repaired here but it still has a programing issue or two. The helpless human technicians need the broken 'bot too defend them against the player characters. Will their attempt at mechanized self defense work?

Roll d100 once per round to determine movement  of any robot in ill repair:

01 – 25  The 'bot is malfunctioning and moving slowly; no attack.

26 – 50  'Bot is able to manage one clumsy attack this round.

51 – 75  'Bot musters two erratic but very fast attacks this round.

76 -- 00  Programming works fluidly for two consecutive rounds producing fluid attacks.

I have some other ideas but I believe this enough information for now.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Maliszewski Meme and Martin

And you guys thought you were late to the party...
Mr. Maliszewski started the meme of photos of our current RPG reference material. So, here's what I use the most; Labyrinth Lord and Encounter Critical. I keep telling myself that I'm going to use the AD&D DMG but it doesn't get referenced very often. My use of the Encounter Critical rulebook hasn't been up to par this year. Dang real life getting in the way of Role Playing Games!

I did leave one book out of the photo, the Holmes Basic rulebook which I look at more often then the DMG. Of course, Labyrinth Lord is the Basic D&D retroclone which prevents frequent references to the Holmes book.

Who's Martin you ask, George R. R. Martin of course. I've read 700 pages of A Storm of Swords and would like to think Mr. Martin is having some influence on my game and plot design but I can't be certain. Martin's approach to literary plot would seem a bit nontraditional, his use of the protagonist is disposable, literally. His writing is beautiful and flawless but don't become attached to any of the characters or factions in the Song of Fire and Ice series. I still have 300 pages to read in this novel and I am starting to wonder what characters will survive as material for the subsequent books in this series.

Now, back to the ol' drawing board. I promise to provide some gaming material in the next post since I have posted photos of books for the past two days.