Sunday, April 8, 2012

Damnation Vans I have known

Yeah, I've been away. Well, I've actually been right here  but my internet time has been all focused on work, the job, making the doughnuts, etc.About a month ago, I did announce on the Encounter Critical yahoo group  that I'll be doing a Special, Damnation, Issue of  phasic, the E.C. fanzine. I even read the novel, Damnation Alley by Roger Zelanzy in preparation for this special edition. Um, yeah, more on that later.

I've gotten a hand full of submission and haven't written a thing for this issue. The submissions include  material by a pretty heavy hitter in rpg writing and blogging circles. This is good, to have an issue of phasic in which I'm not the contributor of the majority of the material. I think I will do an illustration for the issue as my sole contribution.

If any of you Polyhedral readers would like to get in on the act, just write some nonsense about a transportation device for an rpg and e-mail it my way. (Do I need to give ya my e-mail?) By "an rpg" I mean, it needs to be  Encounter Critical  compatible. I feel that E.C. is pretty compatible with the early editions of Basic D&D and BRPG. (Isn't that the Ruin Quest system or somethin'?)  If you have ever played an rpg you're probably in the ball park for E.C. material creation.

So, for your viewing pleasure, here's a photo of a Damnation Van I've known. I took the photo, if that counts as "knowing" it.


  1. I'll be running Carcosa/EC Wacky Races in a week on G+. If I get you some stuff one week from now will that be too late?

  2. Heck no, it will not be too late. Perhaps I'll get to play some more games on G+ this coming fall and winter?

  3. Being a Zelazny fan who has not read Damnation Alley... I'm curious about your thoughts on it. I'll watch for it.

  4. So remember that Wacky Races on PCP Carcosa thing? It's a thing. Are you in?

    I'm thinking I could run it both inside and outside of G+, because for me that just means publishing the turn results in 2 places instead of one (the second venue being on my blog). Non-G+ players would miss out on the G+ crosstalk between other players, but would otherwise participate fully. And might form their own evil cabal.

    Let me know. There's only a couple of slots left.