Thursday, June 28, 2012

Defining an OSR Elf

As I've have mentioned, I play a race as class Elf in our Labyrinth Lord game and leveled up this week. With my advance to 4th level I gain improved saving throws and improved to hit scores. I think these improved saves are where the mathematics of the game play a part in defining the "nature" of an elf.

For a 1st to 3rd level elf the save vs. poison target is 12 which is a pretty excellent saving throw. At 4th level all of my saves are 13 or lower, these are the stats that will eventually allow me to shed the plate mail and begin to feel like an honest elf. (My alignment is neutral so I can feel honest, in character, about nearly anything.)

I gain one second level spell at 4th level and can now use 2, 1st level and 2, 2nd level spells per day. This is all "old hat" to most of you but, I was getting by pretty well with a combination of Sleep, Charm Person and Shrink and now get to add another second level spell each day.

Now, to hire a henchman or two and get the Wand of Magic Missile recharged...!


  1. Excellent miniature. I've been GMing for over a year now and I'm ready to sit on the other side of the screen and see what kind of guy I can make. I remember getting excited about a second level spell.

  2. Yeah, it sounds funny to get excited about second level spells, I think the fact that I have been playing this character for months is the most exciting aspect. I'm glad I have had a run of good luck with him and he has not become crunchy bits.