Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Now, back to our Month Old News Dept.

What do Adventure Capitalist do when the cat is away?

Our Nightwick Abbey game is on hold for a few weeks while our DM has some summer fun. He said he was going to New Orleans to attend a wedding but I think that is just an excuse... I mean, who would get married in New Orleans in the middle of July? That would be like getting married in Birmingham at the end of August, hot, hot stuff!

So, for our part, what old grognards do when their frpg is on hold is play West End Games Star Wars. Our party consisted of three storm troopers. We were in the Imperial Navy equivalent of the F Troop. If our Star Wars adventure continues our tenure in the Imperial Navy will most likely come to a terminal, deadly end or we will all defect and become renegades like the scoundrels we truly are.

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