Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Another community project!

Yeah, we all need is another project right?

I've taken a step toward the production of phasic #4 and created the Crossword Critical feature. Now I'm calling for submissions for the zine from the E.C. e-mail group and the osr blog-o-sphere. Write up, or draw, any ol' thing that comes to mind (along the lines of some E.C. game content.) I will accept all the gonzo ideas I can get, I'll just have to dedicate some time for editing and layout.

I will call this the Fall issue, that gives us a pretty broad and undefined, for the moment, deadline. Now, grab a cold drink and get out the ol' thinking cap!


  1. Okay, this is really super late.
    Are you still accepting submissions for this project?
    I think I could draw something that might be Encountered Critically.
    If you have seen any of the drawings on my blog, I'm sure you can tell I am dedicated to scientific realism.

  2. I hope to wrap up Phasic issue 4 soon. I can always use illustrations for my wacky adventures. Maybe I just need to do and Encounter Critical Illustration project?