Sunday, August 28, 2011

Late for the "Show me your dice" party

I had noticed that bloggers were revealing their dice on their various sites. Today I had some time to read a few blog posts from earlier this month, who doesn't love to show off their dice! You can see a few of my dice in my banner (above.)

The dice on the left are the remains of my original dice from the Holmes basic set. Soon after acquiring the Holmes boxset, I promptly lost the d4. Ah yeah, the red d10 in the back is the first d10 I ever purchased and the light blue d8 is from some other TSR box set. These days the old dice are retired to a box on top of a bookshelf.

The dice on the right I purchased from e bay. I never can recall the name of the manufacture, Dwarven Forged or something, but the dice greatly resemble Gamescince dice. I keep them in my Crown Royal dicebag with a fairly new set of blue Chessex and the blue d30 in the banner photo.

There are many more dice in my dicebag and the box with the old, retired dice. I may post a photo of some of them in the future.

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