Sunday, March 6, 2011

These Lawless Worlds; a brief book review

This novel, based on the cover art, title and tag line, appears to be a harmless enough, if trashy, sci-fi novel. Some might describe the tale as total trash and young men, and women, might find it to be their wildest dreams in print. Mr. Comstock, who has no internet persona that I could find, has succeeded in writing a novel with more smut than one of the Gor series, which stay within the definition of soft-core. If works of fiction had a rating system, as movies do, this book would be rated X.

The plot is well written and, believe it our not, entertaining. The story is part Star Wars as written by Craig Shaw Gardner and part Law & Order featureing I-Robot written by Henry Miller. So, it is hard to imagine that the creative plot scenes where written by the same writer as the adult content. I’m willing to bet that the whole affair was probably written by committee. The book was a fun and unexpected side trip from my usual and much less sexy reading material.

Of course, when I say it is well written, this is to say the book is as good as most, or a lot of, mass market fiction. Since I could find very little information about the book on the internet I suspect that most the copies of Mr. Comstock’s work have been returned to pulp and the world will be none the wiser.

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