Friday, March 25, 2011

Paizo Planet Stories, a question for the OSR blog o sphere

If you've read my blog you should have no doubt that I'm a bit nostalgic about books. And, as if I needed some more books, I feel the need to acquire the more of the Planet Stories publication series by Paizo. But I have searched high and low across the internet and can not find any complete list of the books that have been published in this series. Perhaps I haven't use my google-fu to my best ability on the Paizo website?

Can any of my fellow grognards inform me of such a list at some internet location?

Thanks and have a great Friday!



    That should work. If you go to you'll find links to their lines on the blue line up towards the top.

  2. Thanks, that was a no brainer. I kept looking at the Pazio site and just didn't realize that was actually all the Planet Stories books, thanks again.

  3. No problem. Sometimes you just need a different pair of eyes ; )

  4. I will highly recommend both of C.L. Moore's books published by Paizo's Planet Stories imprint. Both Northwest of Earth: The Complete Northwest Smith and Black God's Kiss (the complete Jirel of Joiry tales) are fantastic reads. In fact, Northwest is the archetype for most modern "space rogues" and Jirel--well, Jirel was Red Sonja before Red Sonja was Red Sonja.

  5. Thanks for the recommendations Matthew.