Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A silly new spell for silly gamers like me.

I tend to throw thing together for rpg games based on things I over hear around the gaming table or at the pub. (So be warned, I may steal your words.) For example, I could have sworn that I heard my game buddies talking about how to make a Dire Wolf. Apparently the process involves feeding kittens to a wolf cub? The things that come our of the mouths of gamers!

A bit later, the same night, I came up with this spell.

Sharkwave: This spell allows the caster to create a wave of salt water in his hands. The wave then crashes into the intended victim and produced a shark which promptly bites said victim for 1d12 of damage. There is a 50% chance that sorcerer can increase the number of sharks produced by one per level. The components for the spell are a sharks tooth and a vial of salt water.


  1. I like that quite a bit. Yes I do!

  2. You've just opened the door on a million Harryhausen skeleton teeth monster variants. Giant squid beak, crab claws... but what would you throw fow a Shoggoth, or a giant ctenophore?

    Optimally you'd get this on a scroll inside a bag full of mysterious bits, and you'd have to guess at what was going to be summoned.

  3. Thanks Christian and that's a great point Richard.
    I made a note at the game last night; Giant Catfish. I'm pretty sure that giant catfish is in one, or many, D&D books but who do ya know that has actually ever encounter one? How about giant sentient catfish! (from outer space even)