Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Further Deconstruction of Star Wars

There were a few points which I failed to mention in my last post. First, and just briefly, I find it hard to believe that Lucas had written all six Star Wars movies before making the original. I imagine he had an outline which included material not covered in the first three films. I am sure this outline expanded during the production process of each film. This is neither, here nor there. My opinion of Mr. Lucas' creative process doesn't really get us to my point very quickly. Ultimately, my opinion is mute because Mr. L is the creative genius millionaire and I'm just a lower middle class drone with a laptop.

I'll let this vague image of Grumpy Cat represent my question for today. What happened to the 999 other generations of Jedi Knights? I know they are covered in the various comics, video games and novels. It just seems that Lucas wrote this line and then farmed it out for creative licensing. Again, if I'm gonna bitch about it, I should be so creative.

I'm not sure I have all this deconstruction out of my system. I know I need to seek some sanctuary in my copy of the Dark Horse Omnibus of the original Star Wars comics. I should have some actual game content or news of the Adventure Capitalists for you all soon.


  1. Oh, I think it's pretty clear by now that he didn't even have the idea that Vader was Luke's father until mid-way through making Empire. The big revelation wasn't even in the earliest script drafts. Have you seen Michael Kaminski's The Secret History of Star Wars? Fascinating reading.

  2. I have not seen that, thanks. I did find some comparisons to Asimov's Foundation to S.W. on the internet earlier today. I do feel that I'm done worrying about Star Wars for the moment.