Sunday, August 18, 2013

From Tatooine, the Skywalker family! Come on down!

I recently crawled out of my corporate cave long enough to discover Harmy's Star Wars Despecialized Edition. Then, one day this past week, before reporting to work, I managed to watch the first hour of Star Wars. I was, as you may imagine, riveted to the screen. That first hour of Star Wars is some of the best cinematography ever. I mean, evah!

The viewing of this old film greased the ol' thought process and I couldn't help but wonder how Luke Skywalker had an uncle? Since papa Skywalker, Anakin / Darth Vader, was an only child, where did uncle Owen Lars come from? I was thinking this was another
giant plot flaw in the Lucasverse until I looked at the
Wikipedia entry for the Skywalker family and was reminded that Grandma Skywalker, once released from slavery,  had married Cliegg Lars.

Now I know where uncle Owen Lars came from, plot flaw resolved. However, having read said Wiki article, I am reminded that Anakin/ Darth Vader was the product of a miraculous birth. Gibberish, pure gibberish I tell you!

While reading about Harmy's Star Wars project I was reminded that in one of the prequels, Yoda remarks that the prophecy associated with Anakin may have been misinterpreted.  What is Lucas saying here? And, why haven't Christian groups protested this stab at their sacred text? Perhaps there was some uproar but I missed the memo. Most likely, they just don't analyze the inner working of the Lucasverse to this extent.

This discussion could go on all day. I know it is a discussion that has been flogged to death across the entree-net. (Yeah, I call it the entree-net, if you haven't noticed.) None the less, welcome back, welcome back all of you to The Polyhedral Lucasverse!

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