Monday, December 12, 2011

Knox Gamers Pub Crawlers

For the past two years and nine months I've been involved with a local game group who meet twice most months to relax and chat at a local watering hole. Here in Knox-vages we have a game forum; Knox Gamers, so our group is called the Knox Gamers Pub Crawlers. A majority of our meetings have been at Union Jacks, a beer only pub in West Knoxville. They do serve food, if you'd like, along with the beverages.

While the ol' Poly-dice Bag doesn't get much local traffic, I thought I'd share this info as further evidence of gaming socialization in East Tennessee. We will be meeting two more times this year, on this coming Thursday and on the 22nd. The Pub Crawlers social schedule can be found at Knox Gamers and there is a Knox Gamers Meet Up group too. If ya just happen to be in West Knoxville at 7pm on any given Thursday look us up!


  1. Heya, Andy and I are going to make it out tonight, see you there.

    You've been warned.

  2. No warning was necessary, it was great meeting you two and we certainly hope to see you again from time to time.