Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Illusionary Cream Jug of Ikas

This silver cream jug may appear in any disused treasure hoard or may be found in a random curio shop. When initially discovered it will be covered with an amount of dust which will give it the appearance of an item of little value. It will be so encrusted with dirt as to make the silver nearly unnoticeable. Once adventurers take possession of the cream jug it will continue to appear in all subsequent treasure piles encountered. The cream jug will randomly disappear from the belongings of the adventures and inhabit a yet undiscovered location of valuables, thus causing potential disagreements within the adventuring party. Each time the jug is found it will become cleaner, the silver will be more apparent due to repeated handling, etc.

The Illusionary Cream Jug will continue this operation, vanishing and reappearing, until the frustrated adventurer/s leave the jug where it is found. Once left behind the jug will again appear with the belongings of the adventurers and will remain there until removed. Of course, once the jug is pawned it will again appear among the possessions of the adventurer who had recently exchanged it.

This silver cream jug bears an engraving, Ikas, on the underside of the base. The value of the jug is 1000 gold pieces.

(Had previously named this item the Cream jug of the Cosmos. Odds are good I will design another jug using that name some day.)


  1. What a great running gag! You could torment the PCs with this by introducing other people who have been the victim of the jug, who want it back (or want it destroyed), or by taunting them with clues about Ikas (whoever or whatever that is), or by making the jug more dangerous than it appears (like Bilb's ring). And what happens if you actually try to serve cream in it?

  2. Those are some great suggestions. The cream jugs going in a dungeon I'll be running later this month, I'll post an interesting occurrences which may involve it.