Sunday, September 18, 2011

Birth of Modern Nations

I had a few spare minutes recently so, of course, I went to a book store and found two bargain books that I couldn’t pass up. One is and adolescent non-fiction volume tiled; Birth of Modern Nations and this is about European History during the 17th Century. I imagine that the 17th Century is roughly the end of the historical period/s we can use as settings for fantasy role playing games. Any game set after the 1600s I would call a Historical RPG or Modern or Alternate Reality. Sure, fantasy can also fit into any of these other setting or genres; I guess my thought is that, we have more modern thought, government and industry and less superstition in the years and centuries following the 1600s, mostly.

The book Birth of Modern Nations consists of brief articles, two pages each that I have noticed, on the emerging modern European Nations during the 1600s. The first article concerns the Hapsburg Empire which provides a nearly perfect plot for any style espionage rpg you may desire. I’m sure many of you are familiar with ol’ King Charles I (Carlos) of Spain so just consider this a pleasant reminder. As if Charles didn’t have his hands full in Spain, he was elected Holy Roman Emperor. There’s at least one big problem, which I can see, in attempting to rule Spain and the Christian Roman Empire and that’s France. This Holy Roman Empire consisted of the Netherlands, modern Germany and Austria so modern France is sitting right in the middle of the two Empires of Charles I. Change the names, to protect the innocent , and here’s a great plot device for a fantasy rpg campaign, land grabs, power struggles, court intrigue. Just add player characters and let them stir the mix.

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