Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Enchanted Bandolieers of Oop'Oop'Aru

The Enchanted Bandolier of Oop' Oop' Aru is another of many legendary items associated with this, one of the most famous, Ape Sultan, Diplomat and Military Leader. The Bandolier of Sultan Aru, appears rather plan but is reputed to enchant the marksmanship of the warrior lucky enough to possess it. As with most Vanthian relics of legend, the Enchanted Bandolier is often duplicated by under skilled craftsmen from Blackhawk to the Mercenary Coast. Unfortunately neither the craftsmen nor historians know if Commander Aru wore a bandolier of single or double belt design.

Stat: Ordinary leather Bandolier, or two, provides 5 to 10% bonus for ranged attack in Encounter Critical or +1 or 2, GM's choice, in d20 based games.

--This post inspired by the More Magic Weapons Please! request by Arcadian at No Signals! (Insert Dave Chappelle comment here.)