Monday, September 6, 2010

Phasic, an Encounter Critical fan’zine, issue 2.

Phasic is a fanzine unique to the Encounter Critical community. It was originially created by Jeff Rients in the fall of 2008. Jeff had mentioned reviving the ‘zine earlier this year but I’ve taken the liberty of producing the current issue of phasic in an attempt to stir the productive juices of the EC community. Weather the productive juices are sufficiently stirred I enjoy producing the ‘zine and have an outline plan for a subsequent issue which should debut later his fall.

Issue two is a tiny little affair which contains an adventure for ambushing player characters. Of course, I had to include five for six non-player characters in order to do the ambushing. I’ve posted the file of phasic 2 at Scribd so that the rpg community and the world-at-large might enjoy this bit of one-sided silliness. Consequently, if Scribd ever requests a membership too download any of my files just send me an e-note because most of my files are small enough to fit into an e-mail attachment.


  1. Nicely done! I can't wait for issue 3.

  2. Wow! Full color map! Aren't you Fancy Dan!

    Now that you've done issue #2 I really hope that someone new takes up the torch and makes their own #3. This could be a thing. Anyone can make their own issue and no one does two in a row.

  3. I do intend to produce a subsequent issue of phasic and I'll start the layout for it any minuite now. I'd love to have some material submitted from other EC fans too, any additional art work is always a help.