Thursday, August 19, 2010

We are dropping like flies?

So, I'm surfing the blog-o-sphere, reading and writing and I discover that there's no Eiglophian Press? I know that we all get writer's block, we have to take vacations, family and careers interfere with our free time and sympathize with anyone who has to take a hiatus from blogging. I fear the day that I have to return to the production floor and have no time for blogging or other leisure pursuits.

For the brief time that I subscribed to Eiglophian Press I thought it was one of the most creative and thoughtful blogs in the olden style gaming community. I don't know if the blog's shut down permanently, temporarily or if it's just lost in cyberspace at the moment? I hope it's some spacial distortion in the entree-net but, if it's not, I'm sorry to see you go Mr. Eig and your marry band of Lophians.


  1. Sadly, it looks like Eiglophian Press (as well as G. Benedicto's other blogs Quantique and SF/F Booklog) have been taken down permanently.

    In case you are interested I posted complete downloadable archives of Eiglophian Press and Quantique here:

  2. I hate to see folks take stuff down if they have to go away... hope everything's ok.

  3. Thanks for the comments guys and for the Eiglophian Archive.

  4. G Benedicto will be missed, but I would hardly say we were dropping like flies. Quite the opposite. The Old School blogs listed in my roll must be somewhere around 200 at this point.