Monday, August 9, 2010

Fight On! issue #1

Yes, I'm behind the curve a bit here but I believe it has been proven that rpg game content can withstand temporal displacement. I got my issue of Fight On! Issue 1 last month and, as they say, it was worth every cent. The pages of the publication are filled with useful information for fantasy role playing games. The material is presented in the style of older editions of fantasy rpgs. Issue 1 of Fight On! was produced over two years ago, I imagine this was the beginning of what has been termed the Old School Renascence. I don’t care what the movement or philosophy is called, this is the style of rpg design I prefer.

One thing I found interesting about the first issue is the fact most of the writers and the editor use pseudonyms. An attempt, I guess, to insure that the content of the publication, or writers, are free from any copyright claims. I certainly wish I had known that a bound version of the Fight On! issues had been on sale recently. In the months to come I'll be collecting the subsiquent issues of Fight On! and I'll be intrested to see if the use of the pseudonyms continues.


  1. I think one reason some authors are using pseudonyms are that those names might be recognized from other forums and blogs.

  2. I used a pseudonym in Fight On #1 because most people that know me, know me by my online name. That first issue, however, started a discussion about pen names, and future issues have fewer pen names and more real names. I used my real name in issue #5.

    As an aside, you will be blown away by issues 2 and 3, as the content dramatically exploded in both volume and quality.

  3. Thanks again for the info. I'll be placing another order from Lulu when I find a bit of spare change. The Jack Taylor one dollar coin I got at the post office today will help with the change collecting.