Friday, November 30, 2012

Phasic 5!

Yeah, yeah, I finally finished editing issue 5 of phasic, the Encounter Critical fanzine. This issue actually had five contributors, many thanks to these guys. There are a few scraps remaining, which I forgot to include, that I could use to start issue 6. That may be a project for next year? I've got an unfinished adventure design, or two, I want to work on before I start another issue of phasic.  Of course, if someone else would like to take up the editorially banner and produce a subsequent issue that would dandy too.

I posted the file, a pdf, on Google Drive and left it open for public viewing. It's here: phasic # 5


  1. Whoa. I totally missed that a 5th issue was released! Two years later and I finally find it!

  2. Maybe in another year I'll get back to the blog? Actually, I'm wrapping things up at school this term and may get back to blogging this winter. I certainly miss the crazy fun of rpg activity.