Monday, August 20, 2012

More Game Geek Eye Candy

I've been spending a bit of spare time down at the comic book shop. They don't know my rep. as an old school game geek but I think they are beginning to get the picture. (Maybe I'm just one of the quieter geeks?) I found a copy of Atari Force #1 on the 2 for $1 table and this photo is the ad from the back cover.

I don't recall the Power Lords toys. I was a high school student in the Atari Force days and more interested in reading the comics and playing some Basketball or Gamma World than acquiring the toys which co-responded with the comics.

Now that I'm an old school game geek, these Power Lords look like they'd fit right into an Encounter Critical game! I'll keep ya posted.


  1. Did you ever read the Power Lords comic DC put out? It had good artwork by Mark Texiera.

    Oh, also, the designs for the aliens in the toy line were done by Wayne Barlowe.

  2. I remember the Power Lords, but only because this ad jogged said memory! I never had any but they always looked cool.

  3. I never did see the Power Lords comic. Ah, good 'ol Wayne Barlowe, I wonder what he's been up to for the last few decades? I have his Guide to Extraterrestrials on my shelf and hope to add his Fantasy volume some day.

    Thanks for the comments guys!