Monday, January 16, 2012

A shirt for S. John Ross to sell

Hello, Hello, fellow friends of the rpg blog-o-verse and happy 2012 to you all. I certainly hope to be rolling out a few rpg blog posts this year. My average of four posts each month should be easy to maintain. I have a few incomplete rpg projects which were left lingering on the drafting table last year. I will continue to revise, polish and complete these projects and post the results for all to enjoy or ignore, as you may be inclined.

Here's an idea I had in the past few months and just threw together this morning, an Encounter Critical Brand t-shirt. That is, if Encounter Critical can be said to be an actual "brand." It's as good a brand as any in our modern age and is certainly well supported with branding at Cumberland Games and Diversions where it's supported by books, pdfs, bumper stickers, web links and t-shrits.

I hope this bit of silliness garners a giggle out of you. I'm gonna get back to the ol' drawing board and will be typing to you again in the near future.

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  1. Don't forget a clothing line for the ladies.... "Diamond Doxy," "Psi Witch," "Bee Girl Queen" ? No weirder than Juicy Couture!