Sunday, November 13, 2011

Low budget rpg rule books

I had a bit of spare time and finally got around to a long over due project, printing a new copy of the Encounter Critical rules and a copy of the Opponent Opuscule which is the monster manual of E.C.

My old copy of the E.C. rules was a print of the scanned rule book from the E.C. hoax days which can be downloaded here.

The third booklet uses a cover created by John who writes the blog Embrace the Dungeon! His blog seems to be m.i.a. at the moment and I'm sorry to see this. (Heck, my blog is m.i.a. half the time.) John had put a lot of the periphery material from Encounter Critical in his version of the Phasic Arcanium, I just used it as a cover for a notebook I made with paper from an old spiral bound notebook.

I was going to print out a copy of the Refuge in Audacity rules too but the pdf presents all the pages in landscape format which does not a booklet create. You all will be the first to know if I reformat the rule set. As work slows down for the year at my job I hope to dust off more of my rpg projects and present them to the blog-o-sphere.


  1. Those are awesome. I had no idea there was more to Encounter Critical.
    I must not have looked hard enough.

  2. Ditto for me. EC is on my roster of games I want to try out, but I haven't gotten to it yet.

    Nice looking books, I've been doing up some stuff in cardstock and staple format. There's something very satisfying about playing out of a book you've put together yourself -- well, most of the work is already done for you with a good PDF, but i\t's still awesome nonetheless. ;)

    Do you trim the page edges to make them even, or do you just live with the center pages sticking out?

  3. I don't do any thing fancy and don't have any fancy tools. For the E.C. book I actually left the charts out of the middle of the book so there are fewer pages to stick out.

    Additional E.C. material can be found at the E.C. yahoo group or follow the E.C. blog net icon here on my blog. (The yahoo group is at There's some E.C. material on my Scribd account too and I should be debuting a few more E.C. things before year's end.

  4. The mobile/single pages version of Refuge in Audacity is in portrait format.

  5. Thanks for the comment Logan. I grabed a copy of the mobile version of R. I. A. For future use.