Friday, May 7, 2010

Raiders of the Mercenary Coast

I’ve finally completed my adventure design for Encounter Critical and posted it at Scribd for the world to enjoy. I can’t claim that my design up holds the EC standard of scientific realism because I’m certain that some of the stats I’ve listed are incorrect. I’m certain I over looked some attack bonuses or have some attack percentages listed wrong. In my defense, when I ran the original design of this adventure with my game group we laughed out loud as the players bulldozed through everything in their path. Which is the true spiritual realism of role playing games, I believe.

I had intended to have a larger treasure haul in this adventure but the final draft only contains a pile of gold, a pile of copper and a pile of bottle caps. What is not written into the adventure is the fact that the basement warehouse is full of trilithum crystals which are far more valuable than gold. (The crystals are the power source of all Vulkan technology, don’t ya know!)

After my group steam rolled through my original npcs I beefed up the final design. I’m not sure that first level characters can survive the killer robot encounter or the final scene with the crime boss and his gambling buddies. If any of the player characters should survive there’s a lead to follow for more adventure at the end of this design. I also have an epilogue to this adventure which I need to type up and share. At the rate I produce game designs; I may have the epilogue released around December of this year.

The pdf has italic text and plain text. The plain text is like the text boxes in the old module designs of our youth. This is the information the GM/JM can read or explain to the players. The italic text is the information the players should learn through role playing. I thought this would be a simple enough system but I found it difficult to work with. Like all things rpg, perhaps this system will work it’s self out in time.

I hope some of you give this file a read or run through and, please, share your thoughts.


  1. I love the NPC names like R2DJ and Et tu Brute. Clever!

  2. Nice work Chris! Good to see some Encounter Critical Love!

  3. Thanks for the comments guys. I had to use R2DJ because there is actually a DJ out here who uses the name, RJD2. So, I borrowed the idea from RjD2. I left the accent of of the E in Brute but the name got eh attention I intended. But no one seems to like O'Cinamonie Sham?