Monday, April 19, 2010

Daddy Grognard Says;

"They've all been reissued with rather risque covers."

Yeah, I didn't mention in the earlier post that the Gor books have gained a popular following among practitioners of B&D. The Google Books version displays the cover art pictured above, as if the original cover art by Boris Vallejo was not risqué enough?

Now, back to the musical portion of the program. If you don't know about this, you don't know diddley.


  1. Well, the Vallejo cover is now old enough to have acquired the respectability of art, and it is a painting when all is said and done. The re-released ones are clearly photographs. I wonder if it says something about our attitude to the depiction of nudity in general that it is considered acceptable in the medium of art (painting, drawing, sculpture) where the presence of the subject is one stage removed, but in the case of girlie calendars and porn, it is often thought of as beyond the pale.

    There's probably already been a thesis written on the sexual politics of fantasy art.

  2. I agree the new cover art is tacky; the Vallejo cover is a masterpiece.

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