Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Decline of the West

Here’s an example of why this blog is titled One Consumer’s Opinion rather than “one gamer’s opinion” or “My Dice Speak to Me” or any number of random blog titles I could fashion. Modern society is an all-you-can-eat buffet of life styles, cultural divisions, diversity and problems. I’m all for diversity, freedom and civil liberties, in fact, it’s often the lack of diversity that causes problems in modern society. You, the reader, may imagine a big tie dye Liberal flag waving but I have a name for my political philosophy and it is “radical moderate.” When I get an inclination I’ll write more about the nature of radical moderate thought which is as silly as the term sounds.

The issue today isn’t really the varying political attitudes we find in the US or the Western Hemisphere and the issue isn’t diversity or lack of diversity. My issue today is ignorance and things that indicate the decline of civilization. This past week one of my game pals shared this fractured office memo with us. I get some pretty disturbing memos from my own job, forwarded e-mails which contain information I wasn’t supposed to see and production guide lines with no punctuation. But this is the first chance I’ve had to share a fractured memo with the world.

This example is proof that our machines are now smarter than we are. My computer will not let me start a sentence with a lower case letter. The computer also warns me when I use the wrong form of a word. Still, I do manage to trick the computer and scramble the word tense from time to time. My friend informed us that he suggested the message might need to be edited before it was submitted for tenant certification but his supervisor said it was fine as is. I have included the message below for every ones’ enjoyment or disgust.

the tenant certification for May West #9.
she is in the nursing home and I have spoke with the nursing home several times about her and they are trying to point a guardian over her so they can take care of her belongings and I have told them her lease was up and now they need to do something about this and they no her rent is market $299.99.
Thanks Jim

My point here is, two out of three adults found this memo an acceptable form of communication. I’m really not concerned about this issue, lack of grammar and punctuation don’t signal the overnight end of civilization. I should have more immediate concerns like writing a report of our last Mutant Future session; I’ll get to work on it.


  1. That sound you can hear is a Creative Writing graduate and professional proof-reader/copy editor's jaw hitting the floor.

  2. I think a gibbering freak from your Mutant Future campaign wrote that memo.

  3. Hey, I like the title "My Dice Speak to Me."

  4. My Dice speak to me too; they say "You are going to die and it will be our doing! Mwa-ha-ha-ha!"